Living with Joy

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me during the day if I am living from a place of joy or a place of anger, frustration and fear. Here’s what it’s like to live from joy:

I wake up with a sense of purpose and vision. I feel that I am precious and valuable in and of myself and there are great things to do in the day!

I tend to laugh a lot when I live from a place of joy. Whether it’s a little lizard in my helmet, realizing I’m practicing my Gangnam Style moves by myself in my office, or seeing an overpacked motorbike – even if it’s cutting me off – it’s all somewhat hilariou.

Living with joy also means I value each person I interact with and try to listen to and learn from them all. It makes me really enjoy the time I spend with people. It means I’m not afraid to set clear boundaries or have hard conversations.

When I’m living from joy I almost always get a full night’s rest and wake up refreshed. I usually have some quiet time to reflect on my values and vision for life.

Biking at Huay Tung Tao

It means I see everything I do throughout the day as part of an intrinsically fulfilling process of service to others and to God. And the way to carry out that vision – in fact the only way – is quite simple: be me. I simply try to become more and more aware of what it means to be Ozzie.

It’s a fun journey. Life is good. Hard, but good.

I love you all.


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