The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The old Christmas classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” was on my lips last month as I played in back-to-back weekends of ultimate frisbee tournaments in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. The Chiang Mai Hat Tournament is literally my favorite day of the year, making my birthday and Christmas look like any old Wednesday in August.

Here’s the group from the Chiang Mai Hat (I’m in white on the right):

Chiang Mai Hat TourneyWe had our biggest crowd in all CM Hat tourney history at around 100 players. It was the weekend before the world famous Bangkok Hat Tourney so we had lots of players who wanted some tournament play before the big weekend in BKK. My team was stacked but we got shut down in the semis when we played on the bigger field. I also got a little too huck happy for my team’s good. Still, we all had a blast.

Ozzie Crocco

Bad Read

The after party was themed “Superheroes who never made it.” I went as one of Peter Parker’s classmates who went with him to the science exhibit but I was just bit by a normal spider. It was a great day but the fun had only begun.

The next weekend, about 20 of us from Chiang Mai bussed down overnight to Bangkok. It was fun being with everyone. We laughed a lot and our excitement mimicked that of middle schoolers, minus the fart noises. We got in around 6:00 AM and made it to the fields by 6:30 AM. There was no shortage of warm-up time for the tourney, which started at 8:00 AM.

It was nothing short of amazing. Players came from all over Southeast Asia and the world to play. There were about 300 players and apparently registration filled up within 90 minutes of opening. On my team alone were people who flew in from LA, Moscow, Vietnam, Vancouver, Singapore, the Philippines, and Lebanon.

Here’s my team – “Solid Gold Standard”:

Bangkok Hat Tourney 2013

Some other unique things about this tournament included a massage tent with 30 minute massages for $8 (a little steep for my Chiang Mai standards.) There was also unlimited beer and a few ladies walking around giving apple pie shots. Basically, you would put your head back, one of them would pour in some vodka, the next lady sprayed in whipped cream, another sprinkled some cinnamon, you would shake it up in your mouth and voila!  an apple pie shot! They also had nurses to take care of any medical problems. Here I am getting my scraped knees disinfected. It was awesome!

BKK Medical treatment

For dinner on Saturday we had a huge buffet of amazing American BBQ food from a restaurant called Bourbon Street. Only at the International BBQ Festival in Memphis have ribs tasted so good.

We played 7 games total over the two days and afterwards I was thoroughly exhausted and sunburnt. I can’t wait for next year!!! Who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be that guy who flies in from overseas just for the BKK tourney.

Looking TiredTrust me, even though I look in pain in this picture, it was the most wonderful time yet of 2013. I’m sure that record will break once I see the twins again, though… More on that soon!

I love you all! Keep huckin’!


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  1. Mickey says:

    Ozzie, your such a boss.

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