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I’m Getting Off Facebook Again, Sorry!

I got back on Facebook yesterday. Here’s a sampling of the things I saw in the first 24 hours back: a copy of someone’s parking ticket, what someone had for dinner, someone’s melodramatic amateur model shots, how someone likes someone … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Lotus From Mud: Ordinary Life in Thailand

I’ve been living in Thailand for nearly three of the last four years. What perhaps once seemed strange or unusual has now become irrevocably normal. Here’s a spattering of life in Thailand: The small message on a menu of a … Continue reading

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Home and Pilgrimage

“We grow and become both by letting go and holding on, leaving and staying, journeying and abiding—whether we are speaking geographically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. A good life and the cultivation of wisdom require a balance of home and … Continue reading

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The President Who Knew A Thousand Names

Most of my memories from college are fading away in uncontrollable atrophy. Us students were a rambunctious lot but we were also incredibly malleable as we looked for people to respect and emulate. And now, nearly five years out, there … Continue reading

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Influential Authors in My Life

Who have been the most influential authors in my life in recent years? It was a question I pondered while reading in a coffee shop on Nimman today. Four quickly came to mind. Here they are with the books I’ve … Continue reading

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