A Beautiful Lotus From Mud: Ordinary Life in Thailand

I’ve been living in Thailand for nearly three of the last four years. What perhaps once seemed strange or unusual has now become irrevocably normal. Here’s a spattering of life in Thailand:

The small message on a menu of a Thai/Indian restaurant. Either the food here is amazing or the owner is on drugs, or both.

Whole Earth Restaurant Menu

Outside the bank:

A dog in a motorbike basket

A sign at the massive Thai supermarket, Big C:

A dog in a motorbikeI saw the new red baskets but where were the whells?

Made in Candy. I want to move there.

Made in Candy

Coffee on the bumperI was shocked how long this guy drove with his iced coffee chilling on the bumper.

Long waits at traffic lightsWe arrived at this light soon after it turned red. It is notoriously a long wait – especially during rush hour when the police officers in the booth control the lights. This gentleman in front of me had time to light up and smoke an entire cigarette. And we waited there long enough for me to think it was hilarious.

Love you all,


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6 Responses to A Beautiful Lotus From Mud: Ordinary Life in Thailand

  1. Aunt Anne says:


  2. Maew says:

    ha…good surveyor! 🙂

  3. Hi my good friend Ozzie,
    These pictures sure are comical and they are a good reminder of of Thailand in a funny way.

    I hope that your stay in Thailand is going well.

  4. I am currently in the UK again :/
    I would like to be in Thailand but perhaps that will come in due time.

    I have just created a website but before I attempt to make it publicly known I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving it a look and perhaps give a few pointers. Of course I understand that you have a busy schedule and if you don’t have the time then do not worry about it 🙂


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