I’m Getting Off Facebook Again, Sorry!

I got back on Facebook yesterday.

Here’s a sampling of the things I saw in the first 24 hours back: a copy of someone’s parking ticket, what someone had for dinner, someone’s melodramatic amateur model shots, how someone likes someone else’s status about her grandmother, pregnant people, how someone wants to watch a certain movie, moderately comical memes, a video of the “best” beatboxer, someone’s baby picture from 20 years ago, what someone had for dessert, what someone thinks is the worst tattoo in the world, and the list goes on…

Without being too judgmental or cynical I have to ask: are literally over a billion people truly entertained by such things? Is that the best we can do to entertain ourselves, build community, and communicate? I realize a statement like that is commensurate with my denouncement of Harry Potter during college but that’s okay. While off Facebook I spent the last 3 months reading about 12 different books, playing frisbee, doing research, writing, biking, and spending time with people. That’s the way I like to spend my time. I may be isolating myself a little but it’s worth it. Until I have a legitimate reason to get back on Facebook, I’m off again. Sorry! I love you all!


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16 Responses to I’m Getting Off Facebook Again, Sorry!

  1. Matt says:

    Wait, you mean you actually get more done without watching 100’s of soap operas going on at once on facebook? 🙂

    I wish people would install RescueTime or something to see how much time they are wasting on facebook. I don’t want to completely get rid of it, but I’ve unfollowed at least half of my friends on there for that same quality of content.


  2. Laura says:

    To be or not to be? On Facebook that is….. I think a lot of what you are saying has merit BUT I also think life is about balance ad discipline. How do you find the easy medium, making sure Facebook doesn’t overtake your life but not having to stay off it completely! I love being able to connect with people this way but nothing beats face to face conversations so I make sure I do both. You can also make a decision to limit who you are friends with on Facebook (just as you do in life) so you are connections with those you really want to connect with and missing out in all the junk!
    Just a few thoughts I have had myself in the past! Hope to see you back on Facebook sometime in the future! Blessings.

    • Those are good ideas about balance and discipline. I agree they are important. I don’t think they apply to everything, however, and in my case, I don’t think they apply to Facebook. I don’t need to “balance” and be disciplined about something I don’t particularly enjoy or need to feel fulfilled. Whether I spend hours or minutes – disciplined or not – time spent in ways I don’t find fulfilling is time spent in ways I don’t find fulfilling. But don’t take that personally. That’s just me. I respect the free choice of you and the other billion users to spend your time however you want. Enjoy! I’ll do the same 🙂

  3. Beste Cobek says:

    I completely agree with you my dear friend! I miss you and love hearing about you through your blogs 🙂 sending much love and a big HUG 🙂 kisses!

  4. druseth says:

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie. You’re so old…kids these days don’t communicate via email, they use Facebook. I spend only hour or so a week on Facebook browsing, but many of my fellow students just don’t respond to email. For them, email is the new fax machine.

    I do spend some time reading a couple forum-style Facebook pages that are strictly about a special area of interest. I also follow a private Facebook news page for my family. Most of it is the boring “see what I did this week…” stuff, but that’s okay, because it’s my family. Other than that, I don’t use Facebook much, apart from direct communication on it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; however, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to drain the tub every so often.

    During my break, I’m wrestling with how to drastically reduce my internet time overall. Any ideas?

    • Love it, Dru. What bright students we have here at Payap University! I’ve received several cogent arguments for staying on Facebook since posting this. The mere conversation about it all is making me want to stay on. One student sent me some cool strategies to cut down on the dross. I’ll pass them along. As for your question, finding books I’m interested in has the natural effect of making me eschew the internet. For me it’s not a matter of reducing time on the internet as much as increasing meaningful time elsewhere. Peace.

  5. CK says:

    I’m with you on Harry Potter. I disagree on Facebook. Love ya, Oz. Keep doing great things! 🙂

  6. P-Diddy says:

    For what the irony is worth, kiddo, I’m grateful that you posted this on Facebook so that I could learn that you have this blog. You’re the man.

  7. Brandon Boyts says:

    Ozzie Crocco = flip-flopper = politician = leader of the people….his evil plan is coming together mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. chuchak says:

    I love you and miss you like crazy. I officially followed your example and closed my Facebook account too. Same reasons as yours. You gave me the push.

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