The English Language Are Hard

During the summer, they’ve asked me to teach in the Intensive English Program (IEP) in the English Language Enhancement Center (ELEC) at Payap. I’m teaching reading and grammar to the beginner level students. It’s been nice putting back on my English Teacher hat.

To practicing using the Present Perfect, I had my students imagine they were on a first date at a Thai BBQ place. They came up with 3 questions to ask their imaginary dates that used the present perfect structure “Have you ever…?” One of my Korean students came up with fairly innocent questions such as “Have you ever gone to Korea?” Another student read her question, “Have you ever eaten butt?” I looked at her confused… “Do you mean, have you ever eaten bugs?” She shook her head no. Hmm… I asked her to repeat it but no alternate meaning emerged. Finally, after a series of slightly awkward whiteboard drawings, it came out that what she meant to say is, “have you ever eaten bird?” The English language are hard.

Here are some other everyday instances:

Snakeys ShowIt’s called a Monkeys show… why not a Snakeys show?

Buddhism Praying

IMG_0545This explains why a kid borrowed my flip flops one time while I used an internet cafe.

Please Be CautionsClearly pier should be the hardest word to spell on this sign…

When in doubt, use picturesWhen in doubt, use unambiguous pictures.

Love you all.







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8 Responses to The English Language Are Hard

  1. Maew says:

    hahaha 😀

  2. Aunt Anne says:

    The pictures tell all! 🙂 Love you!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

  3. chuchak says:

    HAHAHAHAH, Ozzie, I laughed so hard at the “pier” sign. You are right “pier” should have been the misspelled word.

  4. James Wooduck Ki says:

    English language are hard…ture…

  5. Hilarious! My husband enjoy these signs so much when we visit the country, wash you foot, come upstair, and etc… I couldn’t detect them because I made the same mistake!

  6. This is so great!! We loved your story 🙂

  7. ItsRonEvan says:

    Haha. This happens all the time in most Asian countries. It is really amusing

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