Food in Thailand: Old, New, Messy, Amazing

One of the things Thailand is known for is its food. While the most famous dishes are things like Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles, and Pat See Yu, here are some others, including my new favorite ice cream creation!

Firstly, here are a couple of fish we had at picnic not too long ago. Later that afternoon I found the artistic version at a nearby coffee shop called Mosaic.

Thai Fish
Thai Fish Art

To celebrate Rob’s getting in shape, we took a trip to the Chiang Mai Subway. It was the first time in a long time I got the delectable Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. No $5 foot-longs here… In fact, Subway is a more high society (or “hi-so”) restaurant in Chiang Mai, which makes it a rare treat.
Thailand Subway

Another delicacy I hadn’t eaten in a while was sushi. I went with a new friend and one of our orders was of a particularly impressive size and presentation.Big Thai Sushi Roll

Out to lunch with one of my Thai friends, I ordered the famous Chiang Mai dish Khao Soi. Khao Soi has a reputation for being dangerously prone to splattering. This massive bowl helped against the splatter but was hopeless to protect my tie, which I had slung over my shoulder. Half way into the meal, my tie slipped off my shoulder and into the Khao Soi. Goodbye, Pink Tie…

Dangerous Khao Soi

As somewhat of an ice cream aficionado, I have fallen in love with this new ice cream, which in Thai is pronounced, “I Teem Pat.” You pick out your base flavor (in liquid form) and two toppings. Then, they pour it over a freezing slab and swish it around until it begins to ice-creamify. Afterwards, they spread it out and scrape it off into little scrolls of deliciousness.

Most Americans I’ve told about this say, “Oh, it’s like Cold Stone.” False. Cold Stone starts with ice cream as its base. I Teem Pat begins with a liquid. Very different and much cooler.
Ice Cream Phad

Ice Cream Phad 2


IMG_0539IMG_0540IMG_0541IMG_0543 IMG_0559That’s all for me now. Eat on.


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6 Responses to Food in Thailand: Old, New, Messy, Amazing

  1. Aunt Anne says:

    It looks awesome! Love you Ozzie!

  2. Aunt Anne says:

    Nancy is still talking about the amazing fish we ate in China!

  3. chuchak says:

    The fish looks yummie. Please, bring some delicacies back to the US! or ship it to me, I will deposit money to your bank account. 😉

  4. Maew says:

    I like I Teem Pat!

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