Ordinary Life in Thailand, Part 2

Here are some more pictures of ordinary life here in Thailand.

Overpacked truck Chiang MaiThere are a lot of ordinary things about cars and trucks here in Thailand. For one, it’s ordinary for trucks to be way overloaded. Usually, if there’s ever a long pole or something hanging off the back of a truck, people will tie a 7/11 plastic bag to the end of it. Also, old CDs are commonly stuck to the back of vehicles as reflectors. So there’s a use for all those AOL CDs after all…

Doremon on carsIt’s also a common occurrence to see cars and motorbikes decked out with cartoon characters. While Doremon, the Japanese robotic cat, is a popular sight, Furby has hit Thailand with a vengeance. You can even get the iPhone and iPad apps that allow you feed your Furby a great selection of digital food. And for only around 4000 THB ($140), why not?

Ferby on a motorbike

This Tree Will FallThe English translation of this sign below the Thai says, “Someday this tree will fall.”

50 THBThis sign made for great bathroom reading: “Whoever vomits or pees and doesn’t clean it up has to pay the restaurant owner 50 baht.”

No TrumpetNo smoking. No trumpeting. Simple enough.

Sleeves for iced drinksMy Thai friend told me that Thai people think cup sleeves are high-society or “high-so” which is why they even use them for iced drinks…

Sleeping photobombIt was perhaps a little mean to photo-bomb this poor and exhausted kid but my face captures how I feel about most “ordinary” things I find in Thailand: They’re awesome!

Love you all,


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2 Responses to Ordinary Life in Thailand, Part 2

  1. rustam says:

    it is always a joy to read your posts. You always give me a smile and an inspiration.
    Thank you!
    P.S: AOL CDS…hahahahaha

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