The Thespian in Me

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re well. A few months ago I acted in a short film with aspiring Thai filmmaker Nipan Chawcharernpon. The film is one episode in a series that Nipan is publishing on YouTube. My episode is about a tourist who comes to Chiang Mai after his girlfriend dies tragically. There he gets beat up (which doesn’t really happen in Chiang Mai, don’t worry) and meets a supernatural character. I’m a mediocre-at-best actor but it was a fun project. Check out the video if you’re interested.

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4 Responses to The Thespian in Me

  1. Aunt Anne says:

    Enjoyed it Oz! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Rustam says:

    Ozzie, great movie. you are a good actor, genuine. At first I thought it was a low budget movie, but then those special effects kicked in and totally became exciting haha.
    I liked how when you asked for the price of the book and you heard 120 you got so excited!! haha
    Also, I liked how you had black eye brows when you were little and then it got much lighter as you grew up. lol
    Awesome smile at the end of the movie.

    miss you man, Rustam

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