Changing my focus.

Hi everyone,

I’m changing my focus a little with this blog. It is no longer “Making Meaning of Life in Southeast Asia” as I am now a student again and no longer living in Southeast Asia. I’m still, of course, making meaning of life as we all are and would love to continue writing if anyone will continue reading. Alas, I do not write to win the readership of others.

I write because I cannot not write. The words and ideas are moving inside of me and I can’t help but write them. The nice thing about blogs is that they allow us to share our ideas with others easily as a humble offering.

Here is my heart.

At the end of the day, to share one’s heart with another is the most valuable thing anyone can share. And I would say that receiving the heart of another–as you are all doing now–is of equal, if not greater, value.

I have a lot of ideas brewing in me these days as I’ve continued to try and embrace the complexity of this crazy world we live in. I’d like to continue writing them down here. I’m calling this blog “What it means to live” because it seems to be at the core of my desire to read, write, listen, learn, play, think, speak, laugh, and create.

It seems that I cannot do this without a community. I want to hear your thoughts, listen to your reflections, hear your stories. I won’t be posting this blog a lot on social media because I don’t want to write for others, which ironically can become a selfish end. I’m going to keep it low to the ground. Simple. Raw. And we’ll see where it goes.

Join me.


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8 Responses to Changing my focus.

  1. Brad West says:

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing for a while. I don’t write a lot for Bradonomics because I’m always thinking of separating the wheat from the chaff—I don’t want my best stuff to get buried. It will be interesting to see how this works for you. I’ve got you in my RSS reader to make sure I won’t miss anything.

  2. Always enjoy reading your work Ozzie… really glad you’re keeping up with your writing through this transition period!

  3. Rustam says:

    please don’t stop writing. Your ideas are unique, interesting…sometimes wrong, but I still love them 🙂 and I feel like distance doesnt keep me away from you. Thanks for posting.

  4. Rustam says:

    oh haha, forgot to include me. I would love to see you too!!!

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