Be here now

This is the title to one of my favorite songs by Ray LaMontagne. It also seemed a fitting title to a short blog post regarding my reading this morning.

“For as Prometheus, which interpreted, is, the prudent man, was bound to the hill Caucasus, a place of large prospect, where, an eagle feeding on his liver, devoured in the day, as much as was repaired in the night: so that man, which looks too far before him, in the care of future time, hath his heart all the day long, gnawed on by fear of death, poverty, or other calamity; and has no repose, nor pause of his anxiety, but in sleep.” – Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan

Have no fear, friends. Life is beautiful. For me today I am enjoying a Sabbath – being mindful in the moment – laughing at silly things – thinking about compelling ideas – contemplating examples of love and redemption.
I also read a short essay on Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Robert Coles recently and this quote stuck with me and seems relevant to Hobbes dismal assessment:

“The heart of Bonhoeffer’s spiritual legacy to us is not to be found in his words, his books, but in the way he spent his time on this earth, in his decision to live as if the Lord were a neighbor and friend, a constant source of courage and inspiration, a presence amid travail and joy alike, a reminder of love’s obligations and affirmations and also of death’s decisive meaning (how we die as a measure of how we have lived, of who we are).”



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