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Let’s discuss! How groupishness and labels are hurting conversations

I’m reading an excellent edited volume on the aftermath of the political turmoil of Bangkok 2010 published in 2012 called “Bangkok May 2010: Perspectives on a Divided Thailand.” There are chapters from Thai and foreign scholars including the familiar names … Continue reading

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Education Systems Reflect and Support Government Systems

I’ve spent the last five days with a group of middle-aged Burmese development workers who will be administering Payap University certificate courses in Myanmar and on the Thai-Myanmar border. While teaching a session on Adult Learning on the first day, … Continue reading

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A timely message to my students and myself

Considering recent developments in America, Thailand, and all around the world, I feel compelled to write to my students and myself this incomplete collection of take-it-or-leave-it life lessons: Listen to one another. Recognize our intuitive attachment to our own ideas/beliefs/cultural … Continue reading

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Avoiding the GERM in Education Reform

I had the chance to join a large education conference in Bangkok last week during our semester break. The main speaker was Pasi Sahlberg who is a scholar and educator from Finland. For the last 10 years or so, Finland … Continue reading

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Einstein and My Return To Physics

I spent 10 years of my childhood three doors down from where Einstein lived in Princeton, New Jersey. There were often people outside Einstein’s house taking pictures, video crews, and once a peculiar man who asked me if I had … Continue reading

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Education in Myanmar

I had the opportunity to speak to the Payap Myanmar Student Fellowship (PMSF) last night on educational issues in Myanmar. I wore a traditional shirt I bought when I was in Myanmar in 2011 speaking at a few small private … Continue reading

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Alive with Copyright Infringement

At 8:23 AM last Monday morning, I showed up to the all-faculty meeting at Payap. The meeting came after a full weekend of ultimate frisbee in Bangkok where Elephantastic–the team I captained–won the Spirit Award (and would have won the … Continue reading

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