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A timely message to my students and myself

Considering recent developments in America, Thailand, and all around the world, I feel compelled to write to my students and myself this incomplete collection of take-it-or-leave-it life lessons: Listen to one another. Recognize our intuitive attachment to our own ideas/beliefs/cultural … Continue reading

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I lost two people very close to me in the last few months. My paternal grandmother that we affectionately called Noni passed away in February this year and my graduate school housemate Sanford passed away in December 2013. Sanford’s son … Continue reading

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Why I’m back on Facebook (for now.)

Hi everyone, Great to be back on the blue and white! (Do they call it that?) I know I’ve been off and on Facebook for the last couple of years and stirred the pot a little last time when I … Continue reading

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Conversations with Strangers Over Elaborate Buffets

I’m a pacer. When I talk on the phone with friends and family I can’t help but pace up and down. (I also have an extremely loud phone-talking voice, but that’s beside the point.) Last spring, I remember pacing around … Continue reading

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After my return to Thailand from an American Christmas, I’ve felt busy with tasks but terribly unaccomplished; overloaded but unsatisfied. At the end of each day, I lock my office, hoist a leg over my bicycle, and reflect as I … Continue reading

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Group Orientation

For the most part, Thailand is a very group-oriented culture. Your identity is generally not an individualistic thing but comes from your group. While I would still call myself more individualistic from a cultural standpoint, we’ve created quite a group … Continue reading

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My Place in the World

Your place in the world is where your great gladness and the world’s great hunger meet. – Frederick Buechner I can’t describe how great it is to be back at Payap University as the Head of International Campus Life. After … Continue reading

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