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Education in Myanmar

I had the opportunity to speak to the Payap Myanmar Student Fellowship (PMSF) last night on educational issues in Myanmar. I wore a traditional shirt I bought when I was in Myanmar in 2011 speaking at a few small private … Continue reading

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Onward Into the Unknown

Sitting in my office across from an accomplished international development worker and scholar, I had a moment of insight. For the last four years I have spent countless hours discussing, thinking, and writing about culture and my experiences here in … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Lotus From Mud: Ordinary Life in Thailand

I’ve been living in Thailand for nearly three of the last four years. What perhaps once seemed strange or unusual has now become irrevocably normal. Here’s a spattering of life in Thailand: The small message on a menu of a … Continue reading

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Group Orientation

For the most part, Thailand is a very group-oriented culture. Your identity is generally not an individualistic thing but comes from your group. While I would still call myself more individualistic from a cultural standpoint, we’ve created quite a group … Continue reading

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