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Those things that pop into you head followed by the thought: “I should write that down somewhere.”

A timely message to my students and myself

Considering recent developments in America, Thailand, and all around the world, I feel compelled to write to my students and myself this incomplete collection of take-it-or-leave-it life lessons: Listen to one another. Recognize our intuitive attachment to our own ideas/beliefs/cultural … Continue reading

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I lost two people very close to me in the last few months. My paternal grandmother that we affectionately called Noni passed away in February this year and my graduate school housemate Sanford passed away in December 2013. Sanford’s son … Continue reading

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The Life You Choose: Lessons from Aung San Suu Kyi

I consider Aung San Suu Kyi to be one of the most inspiring and dynamic leaders alive today. She is humble and gentle but utterly indefatigable. The trials she has faced in service to the people of Myanmar are matched … Continue reading

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What I Want to Be, Have, and Do at 27

On the last day of my silent retreat in April, I wrote out the things I want to be, have, and do in my life. I also wrote out a short personal mission statement and core values. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Onward Into the Unknown

Sitting in my office across from an accomplished international development worker and scholar, I had a moment of insight. For the last four years I have spent countless hours discussing, thinking, and writing about culture and my experiences here in … Continue reading

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Why I’m back on Facebook (for now.)

Hi everyone, Great to be back on the blue and white! (Do they call it that?) I know I’ve been off and on Facebook for the last couple of years and stirred the pot a little last time when I … Continue reading

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Alive with Copyright Infringement

At 8:23 AM last Monday morning, I showed up to the all-faculty meeting at Payap. The meeting came after a full weekend of ultimate frisbee in Bangkok where Elephantastic–the team I captained–won the Spirit Award (and would have won the … Continue reading

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