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What I Want to Be, Have, and Do at 27

On the last day of my silent retreat in April, I wrote out the things I want to be, have, and do in my life. I also wrote out a short personal mission statement and core values. I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Group Orientation

For the most part, Thailand is a very group-oriented culture. Your identity is generally not an individualistic thing but comes from your group. While I would still call myself more individualistic from a cultural standpoint, we’ve created quite a group … Continue reading

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Living with Joy

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me during the day if I am living from a place of joy or a place of anger, frustration and fear. Here’s what it’s like to live from joy: I wake up with a sense … Continue reading

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Jumping In

I’ve taking up being more physically active these days. Obesity among children in America just hit 16%, they say “sitting is the new smoking,” and loads of research is touting physical activity as good for your brain, body, and spirit. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Thing

I had a friend out here in Thailand from Grinnell College who lovingly called many things her favorite. Among things I heard her call her favorite are brushing her teeth, eating pizza on Sundays, and the handshake we invented. One … Continue reading

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